Serving Virginia’s Independent Schools For Over 35 Years

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About Us

For more than 35 years, family-owned-and-operated Marquis Services has been serving Virginia’s independent schools with the same passion and attention to quality that founder Richard Marquis had when he started the company in 1972. Marquis Services began with a desire to bring quality food service management with a focus on detail, service and employees to independent schools.

Marquis Services employs more than 40 people in various school locations. Customer service is a key ingredient to our success; each on-site director selects employees that possess a strong desire to succeed, who take pride in their work and have a winning attitude. Marquis employees truly care about the kids, faculty and staff at each school. Our employees have fun at work and they serve food with a smile. Marquis’ on-site directors are given the freedom to make decisions that best suit each location; this allows for greater flexibility and efficiency to address individual school needs. And because our President regularly visits each school, we know good decisions are made that ensure we serve all of our clients’ needs while meeting the high standards we strive to maintain.

Some food service companies are large corporations with sales and marketing teams; at Marquis Services we operate differently. Each client location has an on-site food service director who interacts directly with key school personnel to make decisions in the best interests of the school – not a corporate bottom line. We don’t have to worry about pleasing shareholders, which allows us to concentrate on surpassing our clients’ expectations. Marquis offers fair prices and we have low overhead, so costs are kept to a minimum.

Each on-site food director designs the menu to cater to the tastes of the individual school community. There are no standardized recipes sent from a corporate kitchen like other food service companies. And because Marquis gives its directors the autonomy to manage their locations, as they deem appropriate, the result is resounding approval, smiling faces and happy bellies!

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